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A pre-purchase inspection is important before buying any used car. But when you plan to buy a used BMW, Porsche or another high-performance European automobile, an inspection is even more essential before laying your money down. Because these vehicles hold their value extremely well, even a used BMW will be an investment. Whether it’s a […]

For lovers of fine BMWs, gift ideas can start to feel the same after a few years. After all, how many branded caps and key chains does anyone really need? This year, your choice may be much easier, thanks to an expanded line of authentic BMW gear designed around owners’ interests and hobbies. Select from […]

New or classic, regular BMW maintenance is what keeps your car running smoothly. If you’re like many car owners, however, these important visits to your auto mechanic may sometimes fall victim to your busy schedule. Resolve to make 2017 the year that you put your BMW’s maintenance at the top of your to-do list.

BMW power windows are known to be somewhat of an Achilles’ heel, at least for some models and model years. The series of components and processes that ensure the reliable operation of power windows has many potential vulnerabilities. However, in most cases, the problem can be traced to a failure in the regulator.

For your BMW repair needs, who do you trust? If you prefer to visit the dealer’s service department or a national chain of auto repair shops, we invite you to reconsider. The advantages of choosing your local, independent BMW repair professional can be particularly persuasive.

The BMW’s cooling system is well-known among auto care and maintenance professionals as a point of vulnerability. The high-performance nature of the BMW engine requires carefully controlled temperatures to prevent the engine from overheating. If the engine temperature is not moderated, significant – and expensive – damage can occur.

  When you drive a BMW, maintenance takes a place of high priority in your life. After all, you’ve already achieved what most car enthusiasts view as the holy grail – owning a high-performance Bavarian automobile.