BMW Oil Changes

Would you even consider doing your BMW’s oil change yourself?

If you’re like most BMW owners, you know better. Most DIY auto mechanics know better than to tinker with the complexity and precision of a BMW – unless they’re professionally trained in their service, of course. Even then, chances are you don’t have the specialty tools and equipment the job requires.

So, if you wouldn’t think of trying to change your BMW oil and filter yourself, why would you trust this work to just any mechanic or repair shop?

How Long Since Your Last BMW Oil Change?

Most BMW drivers are pretty obsessive about keeping track of their maintenance services. But life can get in the way, even the most dedicated BMW owners.

Fortunately, your car keeps track for you. All you have to do is pay attention to the notifications.

Whenever you start your car, pay attention to the mileage countdown indicator that you’ll see when you turn the key. Your model may also have an additional indicator that changes color (from green to yellow to red) over the course of the recommended oil change interval. Your car also has an automatic oil change sensing system, that can identify any potential degradation of the oil, and alert you to the problem.

But, because it’s always good to have checks and balances in place, you should also be aware of a few other signs that it may be time for your BMW’s oil change.

Will You Recognize the Signs It’s Time for a Change?

The high-performance nature of fine German automobiles changes everything, including the signs it’s time for your BMW’s oil change.

Honestly, by the time you notice a symptom such as a knocking, clicking or clapping sound coming from your car’s engine, you’re hearing the engine rods knocking together because they lack sufficient lubrication. And that means you may already have a significant problem on your hands.

Don’t wait until you hear unfamiliar noises.

BMW recommends (what we believe to be) overly long intervals between oil changes. In Northern Utah, we strongly recommend timing your oil changes based on mileage. In fact, we urge our customers to have their BMW’s oil changed every 6,000 to 7,5000 miles – despite what your car’s indicator and warning system may tell you.

Of course, this recommendation will vary based on how you drive your car, where you drive most frequently, and the car’s model, age and mileage. Ask us for a specific recommendation for your BMW’s maintenance intervals.

Where Do You Take Your BMW for Oil Changes?

Some BMW owners will always insist on having their service performed by a local dealership. In many cases, this insistence has everything to do with having a full maintenance warranty that pays for your services.

However, many dealerships will only provide you with a free oil change once a year or when the indicator says it’s time. If you damage your engine in the process of waiting, you’ll probably agree that there’s nothing “free” about that service.

Other drivers stop at whatever drive-through oil change franchise is handy. One incidence of having your drain plugs stripped, however, and you might rethink that approach as well.

Wasatch Motor Werks of Salt Lake City, Utah, is your locally owned, independent BMW repair expert. We provide an exceptional level of customer service, combined with almost a quarter-century of BMW-specific training and experience.

Stop by or call us today to schedule an appointment for your routine maintenance and service. We promise that, when you bring your car to Wasatch Motor Werks, we will do your BMW oil change the right way.

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