Pre-Purchase Inspection

A BMW pre-purchase inspection is important before buying any used car. But when you plan to buy a used BMW, Porsche or another high-performance European automobile, an inspection is even more essential before laying your money down.

Because these vehicles hold their value extremely well, even a used BMW will be an investment. Whether it’s a good investment or a bad one depends partly on doing your due diligence.

Request and review a vehicle history report, but don’t stop there. Contacting a local, independent BMW mechanic to schedule an all-important inspection will help ensure that your investment is sound.

Use an Experienced European Auto Mechanic for Pre-Purchase Inspection

Even if your brother-in-law worked as a mechanic all his life, he may not be the right choice for your used vehicle inspection. Trust this important service to an auto repair expert who is trained and experienced with high-performance, European cars.

Beware the seller who demands that you conduct your inspection with his or her mechanic of choice. Go into the transaction with the intention of paying for the pre-purchase evaluation yourself, and hold your ground on using the auto repair expert that you choose.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Tips for Success

Be sure that both you and the seller are present for the inspection. This allows both parties to ask questions, but more important, it allows the seller to learn directly from your BMW mechanic about any issues. Psychologically, this inspires a higher level of trust in the seller than if you simply relay the results yourself.

If you plan to purchase a used BMW or another European car from a dealer, don’t let that dissuade you from getting an inspection from an independent BMW mechanic. Don’t agree to have the dealer conduct the inspection.

Beware of Pre-Purchase Inspection Red Flags

Any used vehicle is likely to have a few minor flaws, and the older the car, the more issues you can expect. Depending on your time, budget and willingness to invest, you may agree to purchase a car that needs work. If you want to avoid the hassle, however, you can look for specific red-flag conditions.

If the car’s prior owner(s) did not stay on top of periodic maintenance, safety recalls and required repairs, proceed with caution. Likewise, if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, beware of potential frame damage. Vehicle history reports do not always include major, damaging events. It’s important to look for signs of water damage too.

Wasatch Motor Werks, serving customers in Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, takes your used vehicle purchase seriously. We enjoy seeing you when you stop in for your regular BMW maintenance service, but we don’t want to see you repeatedly for unexpected problems with your pre-owned vehicle. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.

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