Squeaky BMW Brakes

Squeaky BMW brakes are a challenging fact of life for many of our customers, raising annoyance levels as well as safety concerns.

The most common complaint we hear is that a squeaking sound comes from the brakes when applied at low speed, such as in a parking lot. Many BMW owners report that the sound is quite loud, or even obnoxious.

Every component, including the braking systems, on BMW automobiles are well-designed and built from precision, high-quality parts and materials. And the only way to ensure your car runs safely and correctly – and quietly – is to ensure it is maintained and repaired by a qualified BMW mechanic.

Why Do BMW Brakes Squeak?

On any type vehicle, brakes may squeak for a variety of reasons, not all of which are a reason to panic. In most cases, however, squeaky BMW brakes indicate that it’s time for brake repair or replacement – or at least a visit to your friend, local BMW mechanic.

BMWs are notorious for having brakes that squeak, squeal or otherwise emit unpleasant noises. What you may not know, however, is that the use of aftermarket parts in BMW brake repairs is the most common culprit. Lesser quality parts can result in excessive vibration in the braking system which, as you might guess, causes those squeaky brake sounds.

We advise our customers to go easy on their brakes for the first few hundred miles, to allow them to harden properly. If you aren’t able to do that, the linings can develop a condition known as glazing. Glazing can also cause that notorious squeaking in some cases.

Do Squeaky BMW Brakes Always Mean Trouble?

Let’s rephrase this question just a little: Do squeaky BMW brakes always need to be replaced?

No, they don’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need professional attention.

Some conditions can develop in the braking system that result in squeals or squeaks even when the components are all intact. In that case, a simple adjustment can often correct the problem.

BMW’s rotor design collects carbon shed from the brake liners. As the carbon builds up in the pores of the rotor, braking adhesion improves and both noise and vibration are minimized. This carbon build-up can wash away after a heavy rain or trip through the carwash. So, a little squeaking in that case is nothing to worry about either.

How a Qualified BMW Mechanic Can Help

Other than the exceptions described above, assume that any unusual noises from your car indicate a potential problem. And any potential problem with your BMW requires the attention of an expert mechanic trained by BMW themselves.

In the Salt Lake City area, that’s Wasatch Motor Werks.

We are your go-to expert for all kinds of BMW repair. As an independent BMW repair shop, locally owned and operated, we promise that you will enjoy a personalized level of service you won’t find at the dealership or other European auto repair chains.

Call or stop by Wasatch Motor Werks today and let us help you with those squeaky BMW brakes.

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