BMW Maintenance

New or classic, regular BMW maintenance is what keeps your car running smoothly. If you’re like many car owners, however, these important visits to your auto mechanic may sometimes fall victim to your busy schedule.

Resolve to make 2017 the year that you put your BMW’s maintenance at the top of your to-do list.

Learn Your BMW’s Maintenance Recommendations

Do you know which maintenance services the manufacturer recommends, and how often they should be performed?

The first step to making your BMW’s maintenance a priority in the coming year is identifying what your car needs. You should have received a comprehensive maintenance schedule when you bought your car. Typically, you can find this with your owners manual documents. Or check with your independent BMW repair shop for recommendations.

The most common — and important — BMW maintenance service involves an oil and filter change. Most experienced auto mechanics believe that BMW’s recommended intervals are too far apart, especially here in northern Utah. Ask your car-care expert for specific recommendations.

Other common BMW maintenance requirements include flushing brake fluid, draining the coolant, replacing the fuel filter and servicing the transmission. Depending on how you drive, the proper service intervals may vary, so don’t rely on your on-board computer to notify you. Instead, trust your local mechanic and his or her recommendations for what your model requires.

Check for BMW Safety Recalls

Even fine European automobiles may have manufacturing problems from time to time. Staying abreast of recalls will ensure that your car is always safe on the road, for you and your passengers. Heed all safety notices and recalls, as a part of your regular BMW maintenance.

Although the manufacturer is obligated to send out safety recall notices, they may not always reach you. Consequently, you should check online periodically on your own to see if any have been issued. BMW’s site will also allow you to update your contact information so you remain abreast of any future problems.

Find a Local European Auto Mechanic for Your BMW Maintenance

A highly qualified, well-equipped BMW mechanic will take the best care of your car. Independent European auto mechanics provide a unique combination of expertise, personalized attention and cost-effective service.

When you visit a local mechanic for your BMW maintenance, you won’t be just another number, as you are when you seek service or repair from the dealership.

Here at Wasatch Motor Werks, our mission is to provide exceptional service and superior customer care at a lower cost than you can find elsewhere. We have established a reputation in the community based on our core values of integrity and fairness. And with more than 25 years of BMW training and experience, you won’t find another local mechanic who knows more about your car and its needs.

Wasatch Motor Werks is conveniently located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding unexpected and costly surprise repairs. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your BMW maintenance service.

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