Utah BMW Brake Repair

Expert BMW brake repair and service is the only way to ensure your car's safety and peak performance. BMW builds its cars — and their parts — for performance rather than longevity. And while you can rely on your braking system for many years, worn parts must be repaired or replaced promptly. In Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, Wasatch Motor Werks is your locally owned and operated auto repair expert. If you drive a BMW or another fine European automobile, trust our highly trained and experienced technicians for your BMW brake repair.

Original BMW Brake Parts

Although aftermarket parts are acceptable in many types of vehicles, a BMW is not one of them. That's why we offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for your braking system. The exceptional quality of original manufacturer brake pads and rotors can resolve virtually all of the quirks and annoyances that come with inferior aftermarket parts. BMW has designed its pads and rotors to provide superior performance even when cold. You can rest assured that the high-carbon OEM parts won't plague your driving experience with noise, vibration or wobbly steering.

Trained BMW Brake Repair Service Technician in Salt Lake City, Utah

The BMW Certified Master Technicians of Wasatch Motor understand the intricacies of your car. Although the manufacturer recommends replacing BMW pads and rotors every 50,000 miles, our technicians recommend that you bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection every 10,000 miles. This will help ensure your safety and save you money and hassles over time. Under normal driving conditions, you may not even realize you have a braking issue, until the problem reaches an advanced stage. Our technicians can analyze the condition of your brakes and recommend a time frame to schedule your repairs.

Personalized Attention with Expert BMW Service

As a locally owned and independently operated business, we have the ability to tailor our services to meet your needs. If you experience any grinding, squeaking or softness in your brake pedal, bring your car in for a quick inspection. Your braking system may only need to be cleaned and adjusted. We are committed to earning your trust, and you can depend on our honesty, integrity and fairness. On the road, your brakes are often the only thing standing between you and the vehicle ahead. Trust your safety and your car's ongoing performance to northern Utah's premier European auto repair shop. Contact Wasatch Motor Werks of Salt Lake City today for all of your BMW service and repair needs. We are a full-service independent auto repair facility, offering scheduled maintenance, oil changes, battery replacement and more. Contact us today to schedule your BMW brake repair and inspection.