Utah BMW, Audi, MINI Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our BMW, Audi, or MINI pre-purchase inspection is invaluable for ensuring your safety and protecting your financial interests. If you plan to invest in a pre-owned, high-performance European automobile, you need to know exactly what you're buying into. For this reason, the BMW, Audi, and MINI care experts of Wasatch Motor Werks are proud to offer this important service to our customers.

The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Whether you hope to purchase a late-model, used BMW, Audi, MINI, or a classic car that's been lovingly restored, you can expect your investment to be significant. And although you may be prepared for the ongoing maintenance requirements of the vehicle, you likely would prefer to avoid major repair work. But the most important reason to have a pre-purchase inspection is your safety, and the safety of your passengers. If the vehicle has not been well-maintained by trained BMW, Audi, or MINI service technicians, or if lesser-quality aftermarket parts have been installed, it's critical for you to know that. And even if you choose to go forward with the purchase, you at least will have a clearly defined list of repairs necessary to ensure your well-being behind the wheel.

What Does a BMW, Audi, or MINI Pre-Purchase Inspection Involve?

When you trust Wasatch Motor Werks for your inspection, you will have the peace of mind that comes with full disclosure. Our factory-trained technician will prepare a detailed report that lists the condition of each component of the car, from bumper to bumper. The inspection will address cosmetic conditions of the vehicle as well as mechanical systems. We will verify the proper function of all the important parts down to the tiniest details, including door locks, window mechanisms and safety indicators. And, thanks to today's advanced technology, we have the opportunity to check out the car's inner working by accessing the BMW iDrive, Audi MMI, and the Car Communications Computer and other electronic systems (as applicable).

BMW, Audi, or MINI Inspections in Salt Lake City, Utah for Long-Distance Buyers

If you hope to purchase a pre-owned BMW, Audi, or MINI in Salt Lake City or another community in northern Utah but you live in another part of the United States, allow us to assist you with the process. If the seller is not providing a warranty for the vehicle, don't risk purchasing it sight unseen. Car history reports don't always paint a true picture of a vehicle's condition. Our technicians know how to detect and document undisclosed repairs and past accidents that can continue to affect the car's function or value. We also have the advanced software and equipment to evaluate how the car has been driven and cared for over its lifetime. You may believe you've found your dream car, but before laying down your hard-earned cash, call on the local BMW, Audi, and MINI service and repair experts to verify your decision. Wasatch Motor Werks of Salt Lake City provides personalized attention and expert BMW, Audi, and MINI maintenance and repair. We are proud to be an independent car repair facility, and we are committed to providing our valued customers with exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.